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Founded in 2012, Macon Octoberfest Inc. is a nonprofit organization striving to mobilize resources in an effort to enrich lives in the community.

By creating a pool of charitable capital through proceeds raised during Macon Octoberfest 2015, and in the years ahead, we are able to fund the work of various local groups and nonprofits working to improve lives in Macon, Georgia. Our 2015 charities are:  All About Animals Rescue; Alzheimer’s Association Georgia Chapter; and the L.H. Harris Ecology Center.

Additionally, Macon Octoberfest Inc. is committed to the sustainability of the environment and the community.  Aside from the decidedly Bavarian culture that inspired the event, all of the breweries, performers, merchants, and food are locally sourced from around the state.

Yes, we’ve got Georgia on our mind!

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