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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is Macon Octoberfest?

Enjoy craft beers from breweries around the state, as well as a great musical lineup Regional bands, and authentic Bavarian cuisine. Additionally, Macon Octoberfest is committed to the sustainability of the environment and works in ways to reduce waste. Aside from the Bavarian culture that inspired the event, all of the breweries, performers, merchants, and a majority of the food are locally sourced from around the state. Yes, we’ve got Georgia on our mind!

Is there an age requirement to get into the festival?

All ages are welcome but visitors must be 21 years old or older to drink alcoholic beverages. Identification will be checked at gates for all guests that do not appear to be 35 years old or older.

Are dogs allowed at the event?

Yes! Water bowls and dog receptacles will be on site to ensure everyone can enjoy the festivities. Don’t forget to enter the Wiener Dog/I Wanna Be a Wiener Dog Races or All Breed Halloween Costume contest on Saturday October, 22nd. 100% of proceeds go to All About Animals Rescue. It’s not only fun to watch….your furry friend could win you “Octoberfest Cash” to use during the event. No dogs may be tied up and left unattended. If a dog becomes a problem, the owner, with the dog, will be asked to leave the event venue.

Can I volunteer?

Macon Octoberfest would love the help. If you are trustworthy and hard-working, please email [email protected] for current volunteer opportunities. Volunteers are provided 2 general admission tickets for one day entrance after their shift ends.

I am interested in becoming a sponsor, who do I contact?

Please contact Lisa Harris by email at [email protected] to explore sponsorship opportunities and benefits.

Where is the entrance going to be located?

We are located inside the park and our entrance will be on the corner of Coleman and College st. The park has gone through an amazing transformation and quickly becoming the crown jewel of Macon Parks and Recreation. Thanks to Friends of Tattnal Square Park for all that you do!

Will you have security on site?

We have both uniformed and plain clothes police on site at all times of the event. This is a family friendly event so we want our guests to have a safe environment. Additionally since it is Mercer’s Homecoming, the Mercer Police will also be around the campus and checking in with the police during the course of the weekend.

Where should we park?

Please refer to our Parking Page for up to date information.

Can we bring in outside food or grills?

No outside food or grills are allowed at our festival. Instead, we have traditional Bavarian meals with locally sourced ingrediants and Americana hotdogs and burgers prepared Grow. Vegetarian options will also be available. Francar’s Hot Wings will also grace the plates of festival goers and will be sold at the Food Tent.